Crush:Do you think she got mad?

My friend has a crush on this guy. We go over to his place. I stay a couple feet away from them and I'm on my phone. He keeps asking her "who is she" over and over again. She keeps saying "just a friend." So he keeps asking that question while looking at me. Im on my phone and pretending to listen to music. He asks her if I need a sweater since it's cold outside and she tells him no that I'm fine. Do you think she got mad?


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  • he was probably just being nice to you because you are her friend. he respects your friend and therefore, respects her friends. i don't think you should let it get to your head. he was being polite to look good to your friend.

    • No, I just wanted to make sure she didn't get mad. He has a girlfriend and my friend knows that.

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