Selfie vs car window?

Why is it that when I look at a car window reflecting myself I look like I am fucked up (hideous) but when I take a selfie I look ok or sometimes even pretty. Is there a reason for car windows to hate me?


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  • I guess because when you take picture... you can control the way you are captured unlike in real life its subjective and you might be walking in an ugly way or your face might be not what you want but thats the diiference btween real life and online!

    • Like when I look down the car window I look like I have Christmas balls under my eyes but when having a straight face to phone shot I don't look so fucked up. It just pisses me off looking at car windows since I look like I didn't sleep for 3 days

    • oh my apple that was horrible to watch! So evil!

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  • Opposite happens to me, I might capture the reflection of mine next time