GAG'ers, if you had booked a trip to Belgium this week, would you have come over or cancelled?

The situation has been pretty uncertain here over the past days... lots of police and soldiers on the streets, and many countries gave negative travel advice.
Today, finally, the alarm level in Brussels was decreased and many people finally got that relieved feeling they badly needed.

Personally, if I would have needed to go to Brussels I'd have gone there. These terrorists want to make us afraid and we should not allow them to. In many countries in the world this risk is part of everyday life.

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  • I'm not worried about terrorist attacks once the governments and law enforcement are on the look out. It's before that you have to worry about. But I am entirely unwilling to let terrorists, of all people, decide what I do. I'm going to keep doing what I want and no extremist is going to ever stop me.


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  • Like France the Belgian govt deemed it necessary to send its warplanes to bomb Libya and Syria because

    Thus it could be expected.
    War was started far away. Then it came home and nobody liked it. :-p
    "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword."
    (said the guy who said that he did not come peace but the sword)

    • (said the guy who said that he did not come to bring peace but the sword)

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    • Same here, just heard that a neighbor was in the airport arrivals area when the first bomb went off. Apart from being evacuated nothing happened but so many loved ones have been near the attack sites :-(
      I'm afraid the extreme right votes in Belgium will go up briskly.

    • 14 died in the airport explosion, 20 in the subway explosion. More than 100 wounded.
      All public transport is closed now in Brussels.

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  • I would come if I had someone to stay with. If I was in a hotel... I'd probably cancel just because of the fact that terrorists seem to love hotels. . .

    • I guess they attack places where many people are accumulated. And in the Arabic world they seem to attack hotels where people from Europe or North America stay.
      To be honest, I don't think Brussels was that dangerous in the past week... there was so muh police and soldiers on the streets that you felt a criminal would have to cross 17 lines of defence.
      I wouldn't have hesitated to go to Brussels.

    • I get it, but part of going anywhere is to relax (unless it's a strictly business trip)... I wouldn't be too relaxed. o. O

    • Haha that's true Sally... it would feel like watching a war movie from the inside :o
      You won't believe it but the town where most terrorists seem to have their home, Molenbeek, is very popular with tourists now. All guided tours are full!
      It's unbelievable :o :o

  • I would have stayed out of the area

    • I understand that, many people here in Belgium tried to avoid Brussels as well.
      Though you felt pretty secure with all that police and military in the streets!

    • Ohhhhhhhhhhh

  • actually, it will be a lot safer since many army and police are there now
    terrorists will only attack unexpectecly

    • Oh yeah the police and paratroopers are literally at the corner of every street, in every railway station and in front of any large public building.
      I've never felt unsafe :D

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    • they did it to kill the tourism and they win
      and yesterday they bombed a bus full of police

    • Goodness I didn't even hear about that one. The news is dominated by the risks here in Belgium :o
      Make the best out of it okay, it's all we can do. It's not fair :-(

What Guys Said 5

  • To quote, "I fear neither death nor pain", so any thing that the terrorists might have done to me does not frighten me. I'd have thought the chance that anything actually would happen to be below the level for me to care. So yes, I'd have gone, regardless.

    • I agree. Brussels is a city of 1.1 million inhabitants. The chances that the criminals get past all these security forces and do their act exactly where you are and when you are there... is astronomically small!

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    • @jacquesvol true, entirely. We're making it worse by over-reacting.
      One thing they should lock down is Anderlecht and Molenbeek. Mobilize thousends of soldiers, and CLEAN UP. Search every house and apartment and where you find weaponry, handle with an iron hand. They should have done that when the police became afraid to intervene in these towns. They knew it was a terrorist army that was building up there but they ran instead of taking action.
      The same is true in Charleroi!

    • @ Hans222
      FRom where I live, I can take public transport and be in Anderlecht and Molenbeek or Schaarbeek or St Gillis, all these ill reputed quarters in less than half an hour. I know them. And they can just as easily get here. I'm not afraid of these people. The police *said* they became afraid to intervene in these towns, because they were opposing the maiors there and they want better pay and more personnel but our austerity politics block all hiring of personnel and all wages. I remember who said that in an interview with HLN. He was a loud mouthed union man and I suppose it was a way to get better conditions.
      The cops got *much* better conditions with the last reform of police structures. Cops are now among the best paid official employees, way better than people working for businesses.
      The guy finally ended stealing union funds and was condemned. But that interview lives on. Each time something happens it's reminded in the media.
      I never was afraid to go there.

  • not going there is letting the nutcases win. The only way to defeat terrorists is to not let them scare you. Put military out, sure. but don't shut down everything.

    By being afraid, THEY win.

    • I enjoyed reading that! Putting the military out is what the govenment did. And I feel okay with it.
      I also don't think these terrorist should play any games when paratroopers are around. They wouldn't live long enough to commit their act.

    • pretty much. I mean, the military isn't dangerous, the terrorists are.
      If anything, you're safer with the military everywhere.

  • Sure I would come see belgium, If I ddin't I would be contributing to the terrorists damage to your economy. Plus I've always wanted to see belgium

  • Hey I'm getting my fucking waffles damn it

    • Haha enjoy them mate. You'll be safe... there's more police and soldiers on the streets than in the rest of Europe together!

  • Islam is a religion of peace, I have nothing to fear.

    • I do indeed not think you have something to fear from muslims. There are many in Belgium and they are as shocked as we are!
      These guys are abusing a religion to promote violence :-(
      One of the best prevention methods against muslims turning radical is through mosks and fellow muslims. A major issue in Belgium is that most Imams talk in Arabic and many Belgian muslims have only limited knowledge of Arabic. They don't understand the imam and these radicals take a profit of that.

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    • @jacquesvol I agree that against the terrorists of today you must act without mercy. Kill them till the last man.
      What I was referring to, is preventing these guys from recruiting even more future terrorists. The only way to accomplish that, is for them to know what islam is really about. So that they can no longer be fooled.
      No single measure will solve the matter I guess. But repression + prevention will in the long term pay off I think.

    • The terrorists are completely crazy, crazy enough to kill themselves. The terrorists, not the billions of Muslims in the world.

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