How do you know it's love?

First of all, how do you know what love is supposed to be like? What it should be like? And why do you think that? I think everyone is different, therefore logically everyone loves in different ways. But is any way, the RIGHT way? And how do you know it's the right way? And if it's the right person?

What if you wake up one day feeling like that's not who you want to spend the rest of your life with? Can you handle the way your partner changes without being scared? Without falling out of love with them?

You might think it's love what you're feeling right now, but what if somewhere down the road it ends up not working and you find someone you deem "the love of your life", does that mean you didn't love the first person in the first place? Or was the love different?

Have you loved more than one person, and did you love them in different ways?

How do you actually know? I assume it would take years of friendship. Friendship is the first step towards love. But still, how would you know you two would last for as many years to come?

How do you explain with words a feeling that humans can hardly grasp the concept of?


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  • Love is when you want to spend all your time with them (though you shouldn't). When you know that he is the first person you want to tell anything that happened to you during the day. But most importantly, you need to feel and see that everything you do/feel is being reciprocated from the other person. That is crucial.


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  • Lots of questions in one but I personally identified and said I was in love with these things. I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. He's my first everything. And before him I honestly did not believe in "love" kinda cheesy? But thus is where things turned. In there 2 years we have faced obstacles of us not being together, not being excepted, emotionally going through hell and back, death, and family (aha our parents hate each other)
    Some people think it's romeo and juliet, other think we're bad for each other and some think we're a power couple. I can really care less about what others think. But how'd I know it was love?
    Well, because it grew, first I loved him for who he is, then a friend then like family and lastly as my partner.
    Love to me was being able to accept the person from all their flaws from their demons their past who they are now and knowing they may be someone else later and still supporting and accepting them. In 3 years he has changed a lot and I have always accepted him and he has done the same for me.
    To top it off I knew I was in love when his unhappiness became mine. I could and still can't bare to see him cry. And though I know it would hurt, is he ever found someone who made him happier or if he was no longer happy with me. I would let him go. And hope that person is better to him.
    This is how I knew I was in love when for once someone happiness and safety came before my own. And where I accepted them without judgement. To add to that I hadon't never had my heart ache before. But when I wasn't allowed to see him for days even weeks. My heart would sink. It was like pressure in my chest that was being pulled down and it would dissappear the moment I saw him.

    Most of this sounds cheesy but at the end I knew it was love because I was able to break past fears. One of my biggest fears other then death was to fall in love. But yet here I am still in love.

    Some types of love have limitations, some love does not last. And thought soul matesearching would be amaking I do know if we don't work out that he was and is my first love. He may not be my only but he was at some point and I would never wish will on him as I know he has been through enough already. Love doesn't have to be romantic either
    But it takes trust, honesty, loyalty, commitment, bravery and so much more to keep it that way.

    You'll know it when it happens-

    • Your answer is amazing. I hope you two are together as long as you make each other happy. Thank you for answering! :)

    • Thanks for the upvote and hmo =)

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  • How dare you ask a subjective question expecting an objective answer?

    • Truly, truly! How dare I? I am truly sorry for this, please forgive me!

    • It's my razor ^^. "Machairas Razor". It's John Machairas. Remember this name for I one day will be someone important.

    • Alright, I'll keep it in mind.

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  • You just know. Seriously you will know. You won't be confused, you won't question it. Because you will just know with every vein in your body.

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