I'm going to ask her out tomorrow, how can I deal with the stress/anxiety?

I like this girl on my course and I'm going to ask her out tomorrow.

I'm thinking of sitting on her table when we have the seminar and start speaking to her more. I'll try and ask her name too.

And then, when the seminar ends, I'll ask if I can have a quick word.

Is asking something like "I'd really like to get to know you so I was wondering whether you'd like to grab a coffee with me some time?"

Does that sound good or is it a bit over the top / too forward?

Let me know please, thanks :)


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  • That sounds good! But rather than ask for "a quick word", maybe just jump right in and ask. I have no clue why, but whenever a guy asks me for a quick word I get a bit creeped out, so that probably wouldn't help you too much


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  • Just remember she is probly as nervous as you are.. And dont EVER think she's too good for me... Just be yourself, but try not to choke up.. Your question sounds perfect... But i would tweak it a little and say "i think you are very beautiful, and i would like to get to know you better.. Wanna get some coffee?"... Cuz its a compliment, lets her know you like her, and its not making her commit to a 2hr long date with some she barly knows. If you havnt talked to her much- just talk to her like a normal human being... Like almost no flirting.. Then ask a question like the one i put up..


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  • Sounds like a plan, go for it bro. The worst thing she can do is say no. Whether she says yes or not it is a lesson in guts and confidence

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