Did he think I was trying to show him how smart I was?

So this person I know, (I was conversing over books), he stopped replying when I mentioned a particularly challenging and boring book, (to be fair, I actually thought it was interesting).

He went to a better school and I think he realizes I resent him for it, (long story short both got in and one didn’t go).

I love my school but can’t help but hate him for it either way.


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  • Yeah I think he thought you was trying to show him how smart you were and that was the reason why he didn't reply back because you made him feel dumb over that book you stumped him on.

    • really? I thought it was more of a 'Does she have nothing better to do with her life than make me feel dumb?' sort of response

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    • I was annoyed he didn't respond, so it was sort of like sending him the message I'm picking up on the fact that he's being rude, and also asking a question at the same time.

      Tehee. He deserves it :P. Ha ha thanks for responding to my question

    • Lol your very welcome. Hahahaha

      Yeah he was very rude and deserved it. I would had been annoyed to.

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  • I don't think so!


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  • It's projection.

    • What do you mean?

    • Your envy is likely shaping your mindset.
      He probably just thought you dull for a moment.

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