If my tutor started laughing at my bored expression?

He was telling me to do some readings. I’ve always wondered if he’s got a bit of a crush on me.


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  • He probably doesn't.

    • He's not at ALL interested in tutoring I think he just wants some pocket money.

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  • No he doesn't! He teaching you doesn't want to get fired over this.

    • No it was off of University, I assure you he isn't remotely scared of being fired lol he's a horrible tutor

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    • I'm just curious if he does/doesn't. I never said I liked him :P

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  • Teachers laugh at students bored expressions all the time.

    • He's more of a... bored student who needs a few bucks on the side to buy video games

    • He's a teacher, if you are interested in him, you might get in trouble if you pursue a relationship.

    • He's not an official tutor. It's not even for University. More like career training

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