What are fun things a teenager can do?

Most of my 'friends' don't bother to contact me and when they do, they never have any suggestions for what we can do together. So I'm always the one initiating or planning. Here comes another weekend where it's up to me to figure out fun things to do, and I'm fresh out of ideas.

I'm still on the hunt for a job so keep in mind that I'm completely broke. I may be able to borrow my parents car depending on the activity in question. I'm looking for both suggestions for things I can do alone and for things I can do with others. Completely open to outdoor or active activities as well.


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  • Pick a movie to watch with your friends on Skype or rab. it, Check your community calendar. There should be a ton of stuff going on like tree lighting events with ~free~ cookies. Grab Apples to Apples or try playing Cards Against Humanity either online or IRL.

  • I know what you can do together...