Blue frosting turns poop green?

Awkward question, but my last two 'movements' have been green in some places, green when I wipe. Not a obvious poop green either, but like a neon green LOL Like I swallowed a green marker or something.

I have been eating a lot of the blue frosting off this giant cookie we got for the holidays. I just want to be sure that's what's causing it. It was fine until the frosting.


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  • Yeah these things happen! Its just due to the colouring in your food! Dont worry this has happened to me.. haha


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  • Undigested frosting? I doubt it.

    • It was the frosting actually. Not happening anymore now that I'm not eating the frosting. It's apparently not uncommon. Once I ate a lot of oreos over the span of 4 days and it was pitch black almost from the heroes.

    • Blue frosting shouldn't result in bright green. The dyes typically aren't green iirc since green is secondary in the cooking world. The coincidence is the sugar.

      Sugar plus the dye might but not the dye itself. Chemistry!

      But I can see where your conclusion came from.

    • Short: excessive sugar makes stool green.

  • Yes it's normal it's just the artificial Colours food dyes

  • this is the first step.

    you've been poisoned by your mother-in-law. You knew initially you shouldn't have had that piece of cake she saved for you. Your boyfriend urged you to have the pie everyone else is having, but you decided to have the cake instead. Why? To get on her good side. But little did you know she slipped cyanide in that cake, and now you're slowly turning green from the inside out.

    How can you solve this? Pretty sure you know what the next step is.
    Call her and tell her she wins.

    • LMAO. This is hilarious. Too bad I don't have a mother in law. XD

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