Are tall guys annoyed by the challenges of being with shorter women? Is 5'4'' even that short? Is it more comfortable to be with tall women?

My best friend (female) raised the point that they may not prefer all the challenges that come from dating a "short girl" (implying me, 5'4.5''). Leaning over to kiss short girls, short girls pulling them down closer, feeling like theyre with a child (I doubt thats common, but correct me if so), having to reach the top shelves when she can't, not being able to stand face to face, towering over her, etc.

She said she thinks sex with short girls must be awkward and uncomfortable for tall men as well. That hasn't been the reaction I've gotten personally... lol, but she said some guys experience that. What are some other challenges and how do you feel about it as a tall guy? Tall here is like 5'11 and over. How tall do you like your woman to be? Is dating tall women more comfortable?

Just curious, be honest!

Tall girls can chime in about dating shorter guys too.


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  • There's advantages and disadvantages to everything. Each person has to ask themselves what they want. Personally as a short guy I don't care if the girl is tall, short, average, height w/e. The only trouble at my height is usually if the girl is tall I have to look up at her. That takes some getting used to but it's not a turn off or anything. It's actually kinda hot.


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  • Those challenges are part of the fun of being with short girls! Sex is absolutely NOT awkward or uncomfortable.

    I'm 6'2" and have great times with girls barely over 5'.

  • Thats kind of dumb to be picky about height.

    The less of her there is, the more sensitive the rest of it is! πŸ˜‰

  • Well even for me at 5' 10 I can't kiss them during missionary position if they are to short but I can play with their nipples easier while giving them oral😊


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