Is he taking revenge?

Okay I have been sleeping with this man since January we was friends with benifits but he messages me almost everyday , gets upset about other men has asked to go out on dates and when he's seen me out with men he goes home. He use to try make me jealous all the times and ask me weird questions like do I love him. He was chasing me for four years before we started sleeping together. I'm 24 he's 36 he also keeps saying things like I shouldn't go out clubbing as much as I do because when I'm drunk I get my self in bad situations and I should start saving and stuff for future. 2 weeks ago I was stuck and he came to pick me up in middle of morining about 6am and took me home which I live very far. Then weekend after I was out at club and he asked me where I was so I told him and he turned up an hour later so I went crazy at him infront of everyone my friends his friends. I was telling him to Fxxk off and leave. Anyway next day I apologised because I was so nasty and he only came to see me. So he came and stayed the night with me other day and then stoped talking. Then messaged me 4 days after saying hello u okay I replied and he started ignoring me? Why is this


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  • just ignore him... he sound like someone who isn't worth it!