Don't you hate it when someone else answers for the asker on your opinion?

For instance the asker is posting a yes/no question on whether something they did was deserved/justified. It's so obvious the asker is waiting for validation, for a ''oh yes, it was fair and justfied'' but when you disagree, all of sudden someone else jumps in and answers for him. Jumping in on everyone that disagrees and answered no.

Then this other person is like ''he/she is right, it was justified''. Ummm and who ask you?

You're allow to disagree and a ''no'' is just as valid those that agree with the asker.


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What Guys Said 1

  • not as much as i hate anonymous askers

    • Hey don't bash the asker. She's obviously very insecure and self-conscious. And probably 11. But yeah, you heard her. She hates when others answers her questions. She HATES it man!

    • @jordan90 if it's my question then anyone can answer it. It's when someone is posting a question, you state your opinion and someone else who isn't the asker jumps in and telling others who don't agree that the asker is right.

    • sarcasm guys... =)

What Girls Said 1

  • If they start sounding all antagonistic, try to force the asker's or their views' on you or call me names then yes.