Why did SunNews (Canadian Foxnews) fail hard, but Foxnews remains viable in the US?

What is more likely? Not saying Foxnews viewership is breaking any records, but as the TV audience recedes, a lot of old folks are still choosing to watch it. SunNews was patently rejected by Canadians.

  • Canadians are too smart to fall for that crap
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  • Americans have the capacity to be exceptionally naive and stupid
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  • Bc sunnews sucked and barely anything interesting happens there. Happy?


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  • Hahaha. Clearly a combination of the two man.
    It's just amazing how gullable and brainless us Americans are sometimes. Like some dumbass is like "oh i saw this article/video from Facebook" And it takes like 1 minute to fact check that it's wrong..

    • Not always that easy. Some of those people grab on for dear life to the idea that breitbart and drudge report (and other similars) are credible, and try to cite them.

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  • What's a viable news source now days? To be fair, I sense that this question is against Fox News, which is fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    • Foxnews was mentioned to explain what Sunnews was. Both exist with a similar intent.