Whose fault is it that Israel and Turkey are surrounded by enemies?

My answer: only their own


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  • I do agree with you. Now frans, Russia and Germany are together to finish terrorism, they will definitely find and kill bagdadi terriorist. Whether he hide himself in Turkey or Syria or anywhere.
    I'm really happy, frans is our good friend and also I was very unhappy and distressed about the terrorists killed so many innocent lives in France and also downed the passenger plane of Russia.
    I hate terrorism, muslim countries support terrorists just because terriorists are Muslims too, but what about civilian innocent Muslims, they gets the bad image all over world and life is really very difficult for them, just bc of their governments.
    No terriorist can blow the passenger plane without the government support as very high technology is involved in that, and they cannot do it hidden. This is clear that Syria supported terrorist to blow Russian passenger plane, and very cleverly named it as terrorist act.
    But countries like russia France india America Germany England etc Are not fools
    They have their own satellite and technologies.
    So it's stupidity to consider them fool.
    Now turkey also joined Syria, what the hell. They are tiny countries aRe fully depending on other countries for every thing... Lol.
    Now they have to face the consequences of the circumstances they created.


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  • Pretty much, We Americans should also stop supporting israel.
    Especially after the U. S. S liberty incident where they purposefully attacked us

  • Fuck governments, they don't represent what people want

  • Well, I guess you could say that but particularly in the case of the Turks it's not like they had a choice. They were kind of chased out of central Asia and then just did the best they could. The problem was when they had the upper hand they didn't know when to stop. Who does?

    The Jews really should have known rebelling against Rome was a losing proposition but if they'd stayed in Palestine and been good they'd have just gotten persecuted by the Christian Byzantines then steamrolled by the Arabs anyway.

  • the rest of the countries around them are shit holes. sometimes you get crappy neighbors i guess.

    • Dude, Do you wish and expect neighbors to support them when they are wrong.

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    • Do you know, the quaran which are sold in market or near holy places, these are not original. Government and terriorists play with the imotions of people and citizens,

    • Palestinian conflict lists events from 1948 to the present. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict emerged from intercommunal violence in Mandatory Palestine between Palestinian Jews and Arabs, often described as the background to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The conflict in its modern phase evolved since the declaration of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948 and consequent intervention of Arab armies on behalf of the Palestinian Arabe.
      Israel gained independence on May 14, 1948, while Palestinian attempt to establish a state in the Gaza Strip in September 1948 under Egyptian protectorate failed, being de facto managed by Egyptian military and announced dissolved in 1959.

  • It's a Muslim neck of the woods, there's bound to be war and misery.


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