In a war between Turkey and Iran, who do you think would win?

  • Iran would win
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  • Turkey would win
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  • Turkey would win against Iran but would lose in Greece, Syria and Iraq joined the fight
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  • Turkey would win even if Greece, Syria and Iraq joined the fight.
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  • Its really quite simple according to this website:

    Global Firepower (I tried posting the link but I'm not a high enough level)

    Turkey has Iran beat in most regards. They have double the tanks, double the air force, 3 times the defense budget, and a larger economy which means it would be easier for them to sustain military aggression. Iran has a slightly larger navy but this would not effect the war at all because, assuming no other countries would get involved they would have to sail their fleet around the horn of Africa and through the straight of Gibraltar just to reach the Turkish seaboard, which would take weeks and then the ships would be cut off from supplies and reinforcements since Iran does not have real estate on the Mediterranean, basically it would probably be the same thing that happened to the Russian fleet in the Russo Japanese war, it would show up after months of traveling and get destroyed because it had no support, so it would be mostly a land and naval battle, which Turkey would win since they have more equipment, and better technology. They have similar populations, so Iran doesn't have that going for them, and Iran doesn't exactly have a strong network of Allies or trade partners so they are looking to lose this war if it were to happen.

    • I meant mostly a land and air battle, which Turkey has the best stuff in.

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  • Iran would win, and restore the mighty Persian Empire ;)

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