Your favorite planet? 🌎?

Your favorite planet? 🌎?

I like Jupiter ^^ . I have no idea why.


Most Helpful Guy

  • My heart says Pluto but my head says Mars.

    And by the way, fuck that "dwarf planet" shit. Pluto IS a planet. Only thing "dwarf" around here is your penis, motherfucker. That's right. I said it. Got a problem? Throw a punch. Want me to get you a stool?

    Haha. Yeah. Keep on walking.

    • Hallelujah, someone agrees, bring Pluto back NASA!

    • Nah, it's just to small, there are a lot of those on Kuiper belt :p (let the war begins)

    • Wooo-HOOOOOOOO!!! Yeah Baby!!! PLUTO'S ON TOP!!!

      You're really warming my heart-shaped Tombaugh Regio.

Most Helpful Girl

  • uranus. i liked it even before i knew the ur-anus joke. it does its own thing. its rings don't even go the "normal" way. gotta admire that :p


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