Who non romantically have you loved the most in your life?

Dead or living who in your life have you loved the most in a non romantic fashion?

  • Mother
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  • Father
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  • Grandpa
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  • Grandma
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  • Brother
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  • Sister
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  • Uncle/aunt
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  • My father.
    Nice question by the way.


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  • My older sister that God blessed and bonded me with. I love her very dearly. She's the one who graced me with my godson <3

    I also love my mother and daddy dearly. No matter how old u get, you'll always want your parents... or at least the love of a parent.

    I love my younger bro too.

    Also I love my Twinzyboo @Micheal727jovanie and my booboo couz, @Shay1994 very very much. You two mean a lot to me. I'm very blessed to have y'all in my family and my life. 😘

  • My brother...


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