What was your reaction when you had your very first encounter with G@G? And what made you want to join the G@G family?

One day, I was looking through Google for relationship advice and it pulled up a few similar questions from the G@G site. I was intrigued by the responses. What made me want to join was because I love giving and getting honest wisedom and advice. Now about a yr later, I'm hooked. Wbu? :)


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  • I was told that 'Marty, fellow, you could use some advice." And they showed me the site, and 'suggested' I join!

    I've mostly been happy with the interactions here since, though not always; nothing is every perfect in the realm of relationships, though.


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  • I have been on GAG Nearly two years and counting, @Realfire22 as of January 1 2016. December 31 2014 I came across This Perfect Relationship Site, as though God handed it over to me on a Silver platter, allowing me to Continue Helping others in need of Someone Special Helping them with their problems.
    Nearly all of my life, I have been on a Mission to help Those who were in need of help. I have always been a Great listener, a problem solver, and the older I got, the wiser I became.
    It was Meant for you to find your own way to GAG here, dear. Hopefully, you will stay with it, Continue your own journey and get to the Level where you can be proud of a Big Accomplishment here in Gag Town, where you smile all the while that you have come a long ways in doing a Big job for others who Mention you, acknowledge you And... Appreciate all that you Are and have Done or them.
    It's not just about Helping others but it's about Making friends as well. Both go hand in hand for me.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you ❤😊
      And thank you for sharing your God-inspired experience xox

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    • You're welcome too <3

    • :)) xxoo

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  • I just happened to chance upon this site on my daily quest for interesting things on the net. Then I found out that I could give and receive legit advice here.. also I made a few good friends and gained a new family member :D. I find this site to be great and it's people honest and real. There are a few pricks here, but that's to be expected. For the most part, I love being on this site, interacting with new and amazing people :D.

  • One day I was accidentally enter into the gag. so after that I made a clear plan to have a girlfriend here. I'm still searching for nice girlfriend for me. I have been for 6months on gag.

    • Awe nice. I would usually tell someone that this isn't a dating site.. BUT neither is FB, which is exactly where I met the love of my life. So I wish u well on your search, friend. :)

    • You're very welcome

  • only for the lulz.

    • Yeah, the answers and questions that float around here can be very comical indeed

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  • I kept asking question on google and this website keep showing up. Before this website my all time favorite back in 2006 was itsmy. com but now its not the same... it not even a chat thing anymore haahha yeah I am glad i found a replacement

    • Ikr? I would be looking for advice all over the place, and the results would always show G@G. I'm like u, I'm really glad I found a place I really fit in at and can truly be myself.

    • Yea... I really love G@G... It shows! hahahh

  • My story is pretty similar to yours! I also like interacting with the people around here. :)

    • It is fun and I totally like this more than any other social media. We all act more like friends and family on here, than our actual family on FB do. On fb, I could post about a puppy and BOOM...1 like. On here, I can post about a puppy and nearly 20-30 people "strangers" post and join in. Smh. It's a shame.

    • Haha, I see your point. It's nice to have the support here.

    • It really is

  • "Where was I all these years and how have I missed this community" was my first reaction.

    What made me join it: I got very good advises on first question and that motivated me to join it.

    • Ikr? I like ur answer. 😁
      by the way, anyone know exactly how long G@G has been around?

    • Totally. :D I was super nerdy and never investigated into these issues but now G@G seems so vital. ain't it? ;)
      Wikipedia says G@G was founded in 2007...

    • Yessss very vital to my very existence *-* Lol

      2007? Cool. Hopefully that's right. Wikipedia is known for its false information.