How do I start hanging around my crush more without him knowing I like him?

Ok so one of my friends and I were at the TDG concert about a week ago, when I ran into a buddy of mine there. His friend that he was there with was really cute and, obviously, he's into the same kinda music as me. I was too shy to directly talk to him, but I could talk to my buddy perfectly fine. He seemed to look at me with the same kind of look that a guy that's got a crush, looks at their crush. Big smile, blushing, googly eyes, but still shy at the same time. I'm good at hiding it, up until we actually start talking... Then I become extremely awkward... Help!!


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  • Why hide it? If you'd like to date him it's best to not try and hide it.

    • I kinda wanna get to know him before I date him. And if he knows I like him, it would just make things awkward...

    • Yeah I agree. If you just start hanging out with a friend in his proximity or with his friends to be in his proximity he will catch on to this.

      Even if he has some interest it often comes off as clingy or you just putting yourself on a platter to have attention from whenever he so chooses.

      Don't be like hey I like you but when you get I chance be obviously flirty with him. If the flirting isn't welcome you'll see it on his face if not you've sparked his interest and give him a chance to approach you the next time. Way better approach then lurking.

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  • You just need to be yourself. If you are acting awkward that is ok too. Think like he is just friends of yours.


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  • This makes no sense.


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