Am I being rude with him? (picture)?

This guy always annoys me and I can't unfriend him bz we studied in the same school and he's my sister's classmate an we've known each other for about 9 years. He always opposes my status and starts to argue with me and it annoys the hell out of me. He's also in love with me, no matter how many times I told him i ain't interested, he just talks about it again and again. I told him calmly at first but then he's always annoying me and texting me as though we are in a relationship! This guy's crazy! Wgat should I do? He freaks me out all the time and I want to live underground bz of him. :/ I was really nice at first but he's always annoying me. We were not in a relationship and he's action as though we are lovers? Now adays I'm being rude to him and dunno if I'm doing the right thing! Help!

So many autocorrects! Sorry about that, please tell me what to do?


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  • Full ignore mode.

    • Ignoring is the problem, he annoys more if I do that.

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  • You could always ignore him and block him on your phone and social media. And avoid and ignore him at school.

    • He's in abroad and still haven't changed.

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    • I always do ¤___¤

    • Block him.

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