Is it normal to change external identities multiple times during adolescence/ young adulthood?

I'm just wondering if it's normal or not to try out various external identities and switch frequently... For example, I'm 21 now, but I went through many phases/trends.

in high school it was the grunge look for a year, much Nirvana and acne prominated that time..

then it changed to a hippie (freshman year of college) in which I wore long skirts, colorful threads, beads and rings galore, listened to hippie like music, decided to major in art, and just overall was like peace love for all, unite as one... Nothing matters besides that, etc. I still believe in many of these concepts I just don't express them the same I guess.

Then I changed to a darker, fairy like bohemian style. Pale skin, dark esthetic. Then it was classic American style, like picture summertime babe in California during the 60's. Then I went through a 90's phase (choker necklaces, thick wedge black sandals, Jean skirts, crop tops, mesh, funky hair). Aaaand now I'm arriving at embracing my middle eastern side (50% Arab) with a more fresh look... Think Kardashian and Rihanna mixed with some Lana del rey flair. I feel like I'm going through a more expensive look, like rich body hugging skirts and crop tops with heels and long nails and gold jewelry. Top makeup and leather purses. Sleek and straight hair compared to my once wild and curly mane.

is this normal? Or does it mean I'm really unstable? I feel like my core has remained the exact same. I'm the same person. My beliefs and values have only matured, not changed.


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  • It's pretty normal, though with all those changes do you feel like it was your curiosity/changing interests or peer pressure/wanting to fit in that made you change?

    Either way, I think this process is called "finding yourself"... Figuring out who you really are and what your real interests/values are. Change is constant, it will probably settle down but never let your life get stale and boring... Changing interests and ideas is healthy for the most part, especially at your age.

    by the way based on your post, you sound like a cool girl... Wish I could find someone who's a bit of all those things :-)


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