How does this video make you feel? "Coby Persin, YouTuber, money suit. Take What You Need"?

How does this video make you feel? Are you surprised that the "well off" looking people were the greediest? Are you pissed? Don't care?

Personally, it angered me. I know, these types of videos are edited to prove their (often biased) views. Or just to get a reaction.
*Question ends here. You don't have to read on, I know I write too much lol*

But I'm not all that surprised. From my very limited experience, I know in downtown Chicago I've never seen a "suit" give any money to the homeless, the Church/charity cups, etc. They're usually on their phones or bluetooth headset, or completely ignore you. So this video did not surprise me.
That's not to say there aren't greedy poor people. There are. But I guess here goes my liberal, double standard comes in. I am not as bothered by greedy poor people as by greedy rich people.
A) I grew up dirt poor, I'm still poor. I empathize with them because I went days without eating, sometimes even stealing because I was so hungry. Or even eating dog food to survive.
And when people say things like "it's just a dollar". Hmmmm. Well that dollar is an extra loaf of bread. It's another 3 or even 4 packs of tortillas. It's another bag of beans. "Just a dollar" to you, is the difference between having a little more dinner for my family and for me.
B) Why would rich people be greedy? They already have most of their needs met. It's that difference from necessity to luxury. And I don't know. I just think keep wanting more and more is something not to be celebrated nor respected as much as it is.


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  • Unfortunately it is one of the worst parts of human nature.

    Most people are out for themselves and they will literally screw their own family members over to get their hands on more money.

    I've never been in poverty before but I have never been able to live a life of luxury. I respect Bill Gates a lot though, he's an example of a wealthy person that wants to help others.

    • Yes, him or J. K. Rowling. She even lost her billionaire status because she donated so much to charities.

    • I'm sure there are plenty of cases of billionaires doing such great things, I wish there were more cases of this. I wish I had more than enough money to help the poorest people out. I don't know about you but I couldn't live a billionaire lifestyle while I know there are people sleeping on the streets or going without food.

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  • You make a lot of posts do you get paid for them or something XD

  • money makes the world go round and the girls go down
    but its a sad reality you would imagine a well of person leaving it for the less fortune
    I have noticed how its the richer that are more possessive and less to give also greedier


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