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Would you rather be stuck in a loveless marriage for the rest of your life (with loveless sex), or never be able to share in someone's company (no dating, no friendships, no sex, no touching, no talking, nothing)?

  • Loveless marriage
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  • No relationships at all
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  • Bad options, why must you torture me so?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • As someone who hasn't had a relationship yet and not all that much friends, gonna have to go with A. You don't know what loneliness is until you experience it. Sometimes having someone there, even if you don't much like them, feels like a way better option than having no one at all. I would know.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ugh. Neither. I cannot live without interaction with people. I thrive on it, but there is no way I would want to be stuck in a loveless marriage either. I guess I would be in a loveless marriage and be a cheater, if I could not get divorced.


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What Guys Said 2

  • That not really a choice because i would just live my life as if i wasn't married. You girls think of marriage as if it prison i can
    Still og out have sex with other girls, Have a hole another life with a girl i want and on paper i still would be married 2 her. But in real life i never have 2 talk 2 her

    • Well I never said it was a prison, that's the exact reason I would choose the loveless marriage

  • Loveless marriage. At least the bed is warm every night.


What Girls Said 2

  • Even if you don't love a person... if you're having sex with them, there MUST be some type of feeling towards them, even if it's not complete and devotional love, there's something... so something is better than nothing... Only liars wish to truly be alone in the world. The End.

    • AWW ! how sweet you look like a person of manners. i like this quality. :D talk about yourself :P pple are missing around like animales they don't care about being emotionally attracted to somone in order to have sex with them :/ i hate the world we live in.

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    • Of course! But even then, they cannot deny there isn't some type of feeling on some level, even if it's at 1%... That's something. If they deny, they are liars.

    • @sizedoesnotmatter 😁!!! Thank you!! You can come to my planet!! Everyone else find me rude and offensive... But I'm just honest 😛

  • I chose B. I can find happiness being on my own, but I could never feel happy in a loveless marriage. Plus, a loveless marriage would emotionally destroy me.

    • For B, you could never find love. It's as if you're cursed to never love or show emotion physically. You'd be forced to love from afar, and they'd never know.

    • I can still be happy without love