My moms mixed and dad's black please help?

okay so im a kid and i need help with my race okay my mom is mixed she is black and white and lumbee indian and my dad is black the problem is i have chronic illness from my white grandad my father hates my granddad because he's white so he tells me im fully black to erase his blood line and my mom wants to knowledge all sides of the races in the family my father keeps me calling fully black and my mom cursed him out my father thinks im only his DNA but none of my moms
My parent's are arguing
its so annoying 😒
tell me what you think


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  • Uh DNA does not lie. I don't know what your dad is on about but just because he says you are full black does not change the fact that you are mixed.

    • Ny dad has problems with whites everyday he calls white people crackers, honkies, hicks and i told my dad how would you feel if white people called you a n🌟gger

    • Thankyou you very intelligent we need more people like you in the world ☺

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  • Well your dad's not very educated on dna.
    You are everything they are, yes you are black, but you are also white and lumbee Indian.
    You have that illness from your white decent.
    So there's no denying your of mixed backgrounds.
    You should acknowledge the part or parts you feel best about. Not what your dad wants or what you look like or what society labels you as.
    I'm Mexican and italian. But I'm always referred to and usually mistaken for white or just italian. But I say and insist I'm mexican. Born in America and I choose mexican overall because I speak Spanish I have that blood in my veins I enjoy the culture. However. I don't deny that I am a American citizen and have never been in Mexico itself. Nor that there is no Italian in me. Do what makes you comfortable your young you have have a long time to figure that out.
    At the end the race you identify yourself shouldn't matter.
    But I hope you illness gets better or doesn't worse. Best of luck

    • hey Thanks you really helped me☺

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  • I think it shouldn't matter. You are you independent of your skincolour.

    • Thank you my dad is ignorant he calls me niggers because im not white or light shaded in color

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  • I think you are black, white, and lumbee indian and you dad is asshole and just stupid because he can't use logic and your mother has her priorities straight