Whats the creepiest experience you have had?

Mine involves a vanishing black dog that followed me on a walk home four years ago


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  • Having a guy who had a foot fetish offer me $50 to take pictures of my feet and ask to go to his apartment.

    No offense to all people with foot fetishes of course, this guy was just a creep especially since he was a total stranger.

    • Was He named Tarantino or Joss Whedon

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    • Yes Joss whedon the director of the avengers and buffy and firefly has a foot fetish
      So does Quentin Tarantino the director of pulp fiction
      look at the focus on uma thurmans feet in pulp fiction

    • Gotcha, didn't know that. I mean it's not necessarily the fact someone has a foot fetish but more or less how they go about it. I mean I'm sure women would be creeped out by a stranger approaching them to show their boobs, pussy or ass.

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  • I wake up to people I don't know staring at me.

  • Mine involves a girl back when i was 19 having a crush on me and she took one of my shirtless pics off MySpace (which was a thing back then) and made this weird ass collage out of it. It was totally stalkerish. Scared me man lol.