Never had a hobby, help?

I'm 17 & never had a hobby. Any good at home hobbies? I'm considering yoga


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  • Yoga is good... Meditation, as well... Not quite hobbies though.

    Do you like to cook? Maybe start trying to make new recipes in the kitchen... It's fun and rewarding (you get to eat it at the end... And if you get good, people will rave about your dishes!)

    How about art? Drawing, painting, writing (stories, blogs, articles, screenplays, comedy, etc.), or a musical instrument? Keyboard, guitar/bass guitar are great because there's tons of free lessons online, and you can plug into headphones and practice/play virtually silently to everyone else, so no need to feel embarrassed while learning the basics, and if you feel like playing at 2am you can crank the volume and not disturb anyone.

    You could try designing and creating clothes or accessories (blankets, pillows, hats, gloves, etc) and eventually sell them on sites like Etsy and at local stores and fairs...

    Or get yourself a R/C car, truck, airplane, helecoptor, or drone... Can be an expensive investment up front, but there are lots of people who have similar interests who you could meet and become friends with. Model rockets, too...

    What kind of stuff do you like or are you interested in?

    • Well I already do cooking ish. I'm not into sewing or crafts. I need to learn new things. In a typical day I go on my phone whatsap, town and do coursework as u can see I do nothing productive

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    • I've already suggested a bunch, I can't really tell you exactly what to do... You mentioned cooking, get a cookbook and make a special meal for your family or friends every week...
      You mentioned sewing, find a decent machine, get higher quality used rather than cheap and inexpensive, and maybe start out making pillows or something simple, and then try making clothes for yourself?
      Or learn to knit or crochet , make scarfs or hats or gloves...

      A friend of mine makes handbags out of vintage dresses she buys at goodwill or Salvation Army or yard sales... They look cool, are inexpensive to make, and she sells them...
      She also makes mittens and gloves using recycled clothes as well, has them in a bunch of stores in a few states now and sells out every winter

    • Interesting thanks

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