How much should you bribe a bouncer?

If you were trying to get into a club and trying to get someone under 21 to get in?


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  • Nothing. It's breaking the law. Besides, you can't expect it to be a decent place if they don't stick to the laws. The people in there won't look out for you if something goes wrong.

    • Thanks for your useless input.

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  • If the club is high end perhaps $1,000 or so.

    • $1000? I don't think so man, I've gotten into some high places before, but that was when I was under 21 several years ago. I can't recall the amount I used, but it was definitely nowhere near that.

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    • I think I recall getting in under $50, I'll just go with that estimate...

    • At the higher end clubs bouncers can make $30+/hr. Are you kidding me? I know a few.

      I think we're thinking completely different levels out maybe the one that let you in just didn't care and found your attempt laughable or something. A bribe for less than 2 hours of work?

      Either that or Florida's economy is worse than even I imagined. Tough times. ;_;