How do I tell if someone likes me?


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  • "How do I tell if someone likes me?"

    #1 If they look at you a lot while they're talking to their friend it's a good chance that they have a thing for you.

    #2 If they put on their flirtatious voice while greeting you + act a little funny when compared to normal it's a good chance they're thinking about you in some other way than "just wanting to be friends".

    #3 If they're loud OR always trying to have your eyes on them for no good reason... yeah they probably like you.

    #4 If they like to touch you for no reason/horseplay yeah... they're digging you

    #5 If they're always asking you questions/trying to hang out with you in some way or another... yeah they're probably crushing on you.

    #6 If they stutter like a jack rabbit or ya know just look "lovey dovey inside" if and when you're around them it's a good chance that they like you.

    #7 They'll usually give you some form of special treatment to ya know heighten their chances of getting with you if and when they confess ^_^


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