Am I hungover or is there still alcohol in my system?

I am a 5'5, 140 lb 18-year-old female who drank a glass of wine and 4 shots of vodka (the wine was at about 1 pm and the shots were at taken over a period of 2 hours between 1-3 am. I was stumbling and giddy last night but eventually I went to sleep for about 7 hours, then I woke up and got ready for work. I showered, put on makeup and went to work at 2 pm today and I felt perfectly normal until around 8:30 pm. I had this sudden feeling of drunkeness, less severe than it was last night but still a feeling of intoxication. I managed to push through an hour and a half at work and get home. Is there still alcohol in my system? I'm really scared right now, and I also have to work in the morning at 11 am. I feel so scared that I feel like I won't wake up in the morning. Please help me understand what's going on right now, I never want this to happen to me again.


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  • There won't be any alcohol in your system after that long.

    I don't know what might have happened. It might not be related to the alcohol. It might also be something like you are just weakened from drinking. Your body takes a while to recover, kind of like after getting sick. It may be that's all it is.
    It doesn't sound like a hangover either. With a normal hangover you'll feel it when you get up and it will gradually subside over time. If you felt OK for a while and then this happened, that's not really normal for a hangover.


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