I am sad really sad and down (PMSing) I feel Not me some times?

I can't driver or anything and my sister Samantha and
She gets, to hang out with her friends and I can't I have know
Way of being able to I ride like special, transportation buses
I feel left out I mean my sister does help me and takes me shopping
But it just not the same I want to be indepent and hang out with my friends, with out my mom.
It's hard for me because I love hang out with my family too. I really want to hang out with
A, really cool guy friend who knows I like him like him. I just feel like I never well get to my friend
Suri wants to hang out with me to that's hard. I just don't know if anyone can help me I don't know these just might be the (PMSing) my sister t Samantha and I don't really get along she doesn't understand what upsets me. I don't me to upset her I just don't like arguing or people fighting. I wish everyone would just get a long if you guys know any special transportation that works on Saturday or Sunday. Please


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  • You're 32. Why not get your Liscense?

    • I can't I have a disabled I get angry really fast and I just won't ever get a, drivers license and driving kind of scares me a lot. Then I know, if someone honk at me I would get really annoyed and more angry.
      I. t might not be able to control my anger. I am not good with directions, either. I am just jealous my sister's just get to have fun with there friends I can't. That's WhY I use special, transportation buses like Contempary transportation or tct buses there like, handicap buses.

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    • Just have patience then.

    • I know I am trying