What does it take to meet a cute nice guy these days?

i guess that fact that she goes out more than me and that there are way more guys in her study has a lot ot say, but it shouldn't be that frikin difficult to meet a cute guy.

My sister meets guys all the time, nice and cute guys, and most of them are really tall for some reason, and she hooks up with guys and seems to have a lot of fun.

Me other hand first of all never really meet any cute guys, sure i have met one guy or two, but so few of them.. The only guys that has shown a lot of interest in me are guys i dont find attractive at all.

How is this possible? i live in a bigger city too.. i have joined a volunteer group, no cute guys there either... What does it take to meet a cute nice guy these days?


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  • Wh 4th not ask your sister? Not only does she know you and your situation, but she knows how to meet guys.

    • most of the guys she meets goes in her class or knows someone that goes in her class... there are only 2 guys in my class and they never go out and they aren't my type of guys at all...

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    • well yeah, but the thing is she didn't start meeting gusys before 3 month.. i haven't seen her in 3 months either.. she was nothing like this before se moved.. she know nothing about how i nteract with guys i date etc.. so in a way she knows me better than anyone, but she also has no idea how i am when it comes to dating

    • Still better than us.

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  • Get out the house more often... And mayb start a conversation with one

  • Probably good looks and some like interests.


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