Should I be patient with others?

Is it really a virtue worth pursuing?

Are you patient with others who agitate you or do you simply destroy them where they stand?

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What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on who these "other people" are, and how you would express your agitation if you are not patient anymore.

    • I just lose my shit. -shrug-

What Guys Said 1

  • I have learned to never get pissed off.. About anything... I have to make a conscience decision to let something piss me off... Its totally worth it.. Makes frustrating jobs easier... When someone is having a bad day it prevents all hell from happening..

    • I need your secrets! The people in the real world are not just block & delete so I have to endure them.

    • I don't know what they are... Its basically cuz my parwnts would talk shit to me for hours... If i looked upset, they would get worse, if i said fuck you, i went to jail... Just basically, i just remember, nothing is really important but food... When some one annoys u, just smile and nod..

    • Oh. Well, I can't go through that training...

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