Swedish Foreign Minister claims the country is 'facing collapse' because of the mass influx of refugees?

Europe is collapsing, only solution is to close borders, but I'm scared it's already too late.

Swedish Foreign Minister claims the country is 'facing collapse' because of the mass influx of refugees!!!?

Swedish Foreign Minister claims the country is 'facing collapse' because of the mass influx of refugees
Margot Wallstrom says Sweden cannot cope with the influx of refugees
Says country is facing collapse as 190,000 asylum seekers arrive each year
Has called on other EU member states to share burden in taking in migrants


Why is media so corrupted in Europe most of media is just hiding the truth for example there wasn't a single line written about Poland Protest where about 160.000 people protest against islamization, also about how crime rate raised in Sweden and among other countries!

Just for example this picture looks like policeman attacked him and almost every media talked that untruth, True Story : the guy grabed and pushed his wife to this railways and started screaming let us die!!!


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  • Europe is not collapsing, there's just a lot of issues going on and they have to be solve.


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  • Because the media is controlled by the same elite who now controls the oil in the Middle East. The refugee crisis, the ISIS problem, etc are just a distraction to keep you from seeing what is slowly running on the roads in Syria... trucks carrying cheap oil. Guess who is the unlikey savior? Putin. The sooner the Middle East stabilizes the sooner these refugees go back to their homes. Well, the big problem is not the common folks concern, for now what you can do is pressure your government to make the right decisions.


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  • It may be an unpopular opinion, but I rarely get political here so bear with me. I think it would be good to see the US taking more refugees, although I don't know the exact numbers. Seeing how they're so active over there and all that...

  • Why should other countries take a share of the burden when countries like Hungary, Slovenia and Poland were never once asked if they wanted to let these people into Europe? Once again it's the Germans and French dictating to everyone else what should happen.

    The sooner this European Union collapses the better, Europe never has and never will be united and no amount of social engineering will change this.

  • hyperbole.