How do I forget about him and gain my self-confidence back?

There is a guy who I got to know at school and we became friends and he even goes to my Church which is amazing and it made him so much more attractive because he has the same views as me and everything. He's also very polite and doesn't use vulgar language which is awesome... He was my biggest crush and I liked him more than anyone ever. I didn't like anyone else then and I still don't now (which, normally with high school girls, we find people attractive and crush pretty frequently).
I started talking to him and after about a month I was sure he liked me (I've never had a boyfriend and I've always felt I could never get one, so that was very new to me). I didn't really know how to show that I liked him because I didn't want to ask him out but I wanted him to know I was interested. I guess I didn't do a good job because I guess I'm only a friend to him :/ . One day he came up to me and talked about his new girlfriend... I kept feeding myself excuses why he would tell me about that so I kept getting my hopes higher and higher but then he'd talk about her and they would fall again. It just hurts so much, and furthermore, I was recently told by someone (not him, and nobody in my family) that I'm "kind of annoying and judgemental" so my confidence plummeted further...
It just kept making me think nobody could ever like me...

How do I stop thinking about him and gain self-confidence back?


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  • Step 1: Dedicate one last night to your feelings. If you're really sad, cry your heart out, drench your pillow, for tomorrow you'd be a free man.

    Step 2: You're a bit free of stress now, acknowledge that. Thank yourself for that. You're awesome. Spend some time doing something you love and do that with all your heart. Do something new, something you always wanted to do. Maybe some new idea you had? Work on it. The time is now.

    Step 3: Stop keeping in touch with her. No phone calls, no re-reading your old messages. If you guys were really good friends, you will be friends again. But give time a chance to make things anew before that. When you meet again after that, things will not be the same.