What's the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you?

I'm pretty much a stupid fool when it comes to embarrassing situations. As in I'm a danger to myself, and then occassionally other people get hit by it as collateral damage. Something embarrassing happens to me on a DAILY basis. And I mean. So I just want to know some of y'alls so I don't feel so along lol.

To even the playing field I'll share three of mine:

(1) One time I was visiting someone at a police station (long story, don't ask). Anyway, I wasn't technically the one visiting, my mother was. So she said go get a soda from the machine while you wait. So I went, got a soda, then sat down on a chair. I even waited a few minutes to be sure that the soda wasn't all still fizzed up, but apparently that wasn't long enough because the moment I opened the bottle it exploded everywhere. And I MEAN everywhere. On the floor, the walls near me, the chairs, I think it even got on the ceiling a bit. And so yeah, I had a bunch of people around me laughing and handing me paper towels, so that was "awesome".

(2) When I was in the 3rd grade I went to the bathroom. But it was picture day so I was wearing a cute dress with some tights, that sort of thing. But as a child, I didn't notice that when I walked out of the bathroom the back of my dress was tucked into my tights. No one mentioned this to me until I got all the way back to my classroom and my teacher was the one who tipped me off. Needless to say everytime I wear a skirt or dress I now check. Even if I don't go to the bathroom and I'm just getting up from sitting I'll smooth it out a little. JUST TO BE SURE.

(3) The last, and I think worst. I got my period at a water park. Now keep in mind, at a water park, YOU ARE ALREADY WET. So you can NOT tell the difference between the warm-ish water and blood if it happens. However, everyone who has working eyes, CAN tell. So yeah, that still makes me cringe and I avoid water parks at all costs. Pools too.

Now as you can see, I'm not putting this as anonymous, because honestly, embarassing things happen to everyone on the planet at some point. Maybe not to MY level, or EVERY day, but it does, and for the sake of everyone else I feel it only fair not to hide my fails with anonymous when asking everyone else to share what's happened to them.

so I don't feel alone* whoops... see what I mean?


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  • Those things happen that's life shit happens.
    When I was in 3rd grade I got pushed onto a bucket of water by this bully and the whole class started laughing even the teacher.
    2. I got beat up by a girl lol when I was like in 7th grade this was outside of school though and she was older than me I called her a bitch at my one parent's friends kids birthday party and she went up behind me and kicked me in the nuts I cried a lot in agony.
    3. I once had a similar experience to your dress story, but mine was with toilet paper I had walked out of the bathroom not knowing there was a piece of toilet paper inside the bottom of my jeans sticking out and I walked into class too lol.

    • Teachers are awful, and I can't say anything about you getting your butt kicked by a girl, because to be fair 7th grade boys are generally... not super strong, plus there's the whole "don't hit girls" thing, but that's still pretty rough.

      And as for the toilet paper thing, I'm glad to know that something like that happens to other people <3

    • She was like 17 or 18 and yeah I was skinny and weak at that time. Yep see we've all had embarrassing moments :)

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  • Everything I do embarrasses me at some point lol. But I feel like I block out any of the major embarrassments I've had.


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  • Nothing really comes to mind maybe a couple of instances when some romantic moves got complicated by misunderstandings on my part or someone else's part.
    Or one time in work I lost my patience and fired off an email blaming someone who was entirely innocent as it happens without realising she was on distributing list. It was one of those occasions I was getting undeserved grief and had enough because I am normally very understanding with people.

    • If those are the words embarrassing moments you've had... you have lived a very lucky life lol.

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