Pick only 1answer (If you can understand this, congrats it means u can read) Is GaG more anti man than pro man or is it more pro woman anti woman?

So is it more

pro man?
anti man?
pro woman?
anti woman?

Also what makes believe the opinion you gave?


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  • pro woman

    You have to understand that GAG is deeply pro-GAG, ergo
    anything that drives up ratings/clicks = more ad $$$$$
    thus it follows that
    gals' behavior will be tolerated a bit longer (same as bars having no cover charges for gals) as they attract more guys

    Interesting tangent: let's say the most common GAG participants are guys 21-29, so one would think GAG would find them common enough to police them more BUT if they are driving something controversial that gets the GAG hive buzzing, then GAG will take their side (no matter now wrong) and kick the would be critics and complainers who joust with them. Chief irritants are the ANON guys of that age range that TROLL in order to amuse themselves at making others' day troublesome.

    WHY did you ask this Q?


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