Is it wrong to feel unhappy with your life at the moment?

Right now I just feel unhappy since my family are still fighting at the house over money as usual, my college and work is taking up my time from my hobbies (boxing at the gym and fighting competition), I've gained so much weight since I never had time or flexible hours to go back to my boxing gym, I'm struggling with my class (es). Right now, I just got an interview for another job about 2 weeks ago and I'm now waiting on them to call me back to see if they can give me the job (I really really want this job bad since it fits all my schedule perfectly with school and boxing and it kinda relates to my college major that I'm aiming for). Boxing is my very big passion and I just feel like I'm home/gym sick (yes, my boxing gym is like my 2nd home).

Am I asking for too much from life?

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  • call the place of the job you applied for and ask about your application itll show you're really interested. but as for everything else, give it time and things will fall into place


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  • No you are not asking for to much. Your really busy and have a lot on your plate. Just try to hang in their and be strong and try to stay positive.


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  • You're not asking for too much, and it's not wrong to feel unhappy. You have a lot going on right now so it's normal to be unhappy with it


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