Can the due date be three weeks off?

My girl is having a baby. At first we were told February 18 now we're being told January 24. Can they be that far off? I've heard of them being a few days up to a week off. But almost a month? My girl cycle was regular... If that matters.

She didn't tell me about the new due date. Her cousin came over and said so this 8 mons went by quick huh? I said no 7 mons. She said that's not what I heard. I asked my girl, who then said oh yeah, they changed my due date.


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  • Sometimes after a dating scan they change it. Before a dating scan they judge it by her last period... It's not always reliable, that's why you usually should wait for the dating scan to be sure.


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  • Are you worried she cheated on you or something? The estimated due date doesn't usually change after it is given but babies come early all the time.

    • I'm worried she got pregnant on purpose. We were breaking up. But she was taking that really bad. Finally I decided she needed to see a therapist. Suddenly she pregnant. So I'm staying.

  • It most definitely can be. Are you worried you're not the father?

    • No, not that.

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    • Tough situation. I hope you guys figure things out amicably. Forgot to add... congrats on the new baby coming! 🍼

  • It can happen.

    • Please elaborate as I've NEVER heard of this kind of variance in the U. S. Within the past 29 years.

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    • The baby isn't due yet. The Dr gave an estimate when we first went in. Now they changed it to 2 weeks earlier. I asked her why such a big jump. She said she doesn't know.

    • Don't worry too much. If your girlfriend does regular checkups and relax she should be fine. Dates are usually inaccurate!.

  • It can happen. Originally, they said my sister in law was due at the end of May but she had her baby three weeks before the original due date.

    • That's different, my sister was a premie. The baby decided to come on her own time. I'm saying the Dr said one date and I know that's based on last day of cycle, I went to that appt. the second I didn't go to and wasn't told about the change.

      I guess I wanted to know if the Dr could have counted wrong or she gave a wrong last cycle date.

    • Right. They told her May 28th the first time, then further along said she was due May 7th. That was before my nephew was born, and he wasn't a premie. Doctors can sometimes get the date wrong, they're human (heck, my doctor was convinced I was pregnant, and I haven't even had sex! They made me take all the tests that came back positive, but it was something else causing that).

      That's not cool you weren't told about the change.

    • No it wasn't cool at all. I'm telling people 7 mons and she telling 8 mons. Smh. Thank you for responding.

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