Could my boyfriend be having an ONLINE AFFAIR? Or AM I DELUSIONAL? (please help---need opinions etc)?

I was so oblivious... Not until now have I realize that he has been friends with her since 2013. She lives in a different continent (Europe).
So he has known here before we even started dating (2015). Basically while we were dating he commented on one of her instagram pics saying: LA tickets for your bday? To which the girl responded" only if you get me any" and he never responded after that.
Then in another picture, she posted starbuck drinks with her friends and you could see hald her outfit. And he commented "Uggs? to which she responded "Not in the summer". Does this sound like playful flirting or for real? LIke the uggs comment, is he offering her uggs or what? I don't know if he is being playful or what but they comment on each others pics. She requested me on instagram and i never thought anything of it until now that i realize and find all of this out. He even has her on fb. SO i decided to instagram message her after i unfollowed her and i was like im curious why did you follow me. She was "you're pretty" and then i was like do we have mutual friends? to which she said i am following ----(bf's name) and then i asked how they met and she was like "on the internet" and apparently he never talks about me and she said that they didn't talk a lot and then she decided to say they were "not really friends we barely talk" And she says that she stalks him. But if they didn't really talk he wouldn't be commenting on her instagram pics etc. Like i noticed that he would always be on his phone and smiling at it. Is it possible that they are just friends and I am overreacting or there's something more. After all he did post pics of me on instagram and she would comment cute etc.

I mean he has treated me as his girlfriend, invested physically. Driven hundreds of miles, introduced me to his dad who came from different state and exposed me to his family etc. SO I mean he has treated me as a girlfriend but still. It is cheating

Would a guy who is cheating with girl online post pictures of his girlfriend on instagram, social media, and snapchat while he has the online girl as a friend in each? Unless the girl he is cheating with is okay with him having a gf?
So apparently he has been friends with her for 4 years according to Fb. And he also has befriended her sister on there. So is it possible that they are just friends or something more because i notice she always commented on his stuff like "hot" etc


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  • It sounds like he is very taken with this girl. In today's world, Inerenet crushes are common, not that I have any understanding of crushing on someone only online, myself... so you need to accept this behavior. He's never seen this girl in the flesh... it's not something you could really consider as cheating, imao.

    • what about it seems like he is very taken by her?

      I just feel like he never really loved me. He did offer to take me to meet his family, all expenses paid but still... How can she be okay with him having a gf?

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    • But for me it does. Does he love the other girl or what? Were his feelings ingenuine?

    • @martyfellow apparently they have been friends on fb for 4 years. He has her sister as a friend on fb. Can it be that they are just friends or like you said he's liked her for 4 years

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