Have you ever constantly heard 3-5 knocks from a spirit at night?

I used to always hear 5 dull knocks coming from outside my bedroom window during the night, for several nights in a row. I looked it up, and it can be from a spirit trying to tell you something. Most people hear only 3 knocks, but I always heared 5. Anyone else experience these unexplained knocks?


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  • Put salt around the outside of your window...

    • The knocking stopped after i blessed my house, but i was just curious if anyone else had experienced strange patterns of knocks at night that they couldn't really explain. Yeah, i know it sounds crazy, but if you research it, it is a real thing many people have experienced. 3 knocks usually means someone close to you will pass away in the near future.

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    • Well thank you.

    • Ty!!!

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  • lol, psycho.

    Spirits aren't real, bro.

    Less LSD, more science.

    • If only I wasn't so psychotically addicted to drugs, maybe the knocks just might stop. Thanks for the advice. How did i ever not realize it was just all the drugs i was taking. Shame on me... shame...

  • Yes... right after I got 3/4 through a bottle of Makers Mark.

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