My friends are great, but we have no interest in common?

my current friends are great, they make me feel wanted, interesting, attractive and like i matter, but we have very few to no interest in common.

The only reason we are friends at all is that we take the same study and thats prett much it. They are more book readers who isn't bothered about working ourt, and i think non of them date or have dated, and never really talk about sex and stuff.

And then you have me, im really into wokring out eating healthy going out drinking and dating and guys.

So in my sitaution what would you do?

by the way im on this study because i didn't get into what i really wanted to get in at, they wanted to take this study


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  • Start trying to meet new people... Doesn't mean you can't be friends with the people you are friends with now, but you might not see them as much if you meet more people that share your interest in being more active outside from academics. Who knows, maybe some of your study friends will want to hang out with you and your more active friends eventually, you might be able to ease them into some new interests that they could share with you!


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