Girls what would u do if this happened to you?

if you are in a very serious relationship with guy, you are planning to marry in two years. parents of both of you are aware of the relationship. the relationship is going through a hard phase. constant fighting. all of a sudden you met a guy who you consider your soul mate. what would you do?

1- would you feel gulity?
2- would you think seriously of breaking up
3- would hint the guy that you like him ( not directly) or not?
4- would you think seriously of breaking up with the guy?
5- will you delay break up because of guilt or you dont want to face?
6- would you stay with your boyfriend?
7- if you break up with him how would you do it girls?


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  • If I was dating someone and then met someone and had intense feelings for them, I'd end my current relationship. Because I obviously wasn't invested emotionally in it, to be open to liking someone else, and I wouldn't force myself to be in that relationship out of expectation, or mislead my partner, when I had feelings for someone else. Then I would be free to explore my own feelings, and approach the other guy about how I felt, without deceiving my partner. It's more respectful to the partner, and to myself, to end it if I felt that way about someone else.


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