How do you feel if someone you know never says bye to you?

I have a habit of just leaving without saying bye. It could be after finishing a soccer game, leaving work, leaving my group of friends, etc. I just kind of dissapear, I don't like saying bye. I feel like I'm not that important to them so they shouldn't really care that I dissapeared.

I wonder how others are perceiving me. Are they thinking that Im some kind of snob and think im too good for them or something? Do you find it rude if someone you know just left without saying bye to you all the time?

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  • Well it doesn't hurt to say "hey i'm gonna head out" just letting people know so theyre not wondering if you're dead in a ditch.

    • It does hurt to me. I feel very uncomfortable when having to greet friends or saying bye.

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    • I dont know, it just makes me very uncomfortable. Let's say the soccer game is finished, I wish I could just jet out of there without saying anything. I'm sitting there thinking oh god now I gotta say bye to everyone. it just comes out really forced. Saying bye is something I have to force myself to do... even to my siblings and family

    • In a way greetings feel too intimate for me as well

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