Why does this almost always happen in horror movies?

Whenever it's about a couple having an evil child or weird kid, it's always the mother that first notices the signs, suggests to take him to a psychologist and becomes alarm while the father doesn't. It's usually because by the time, the father come, the child starts acting normal again.

Eventually the child shows more signs nearly the end and that's when the guy realizes his wife was right.

In the beginning it's always the guy gives out explanation such as ''oh honey, he's just had a bad time at school, that's normal'', etc but refuses to accept there is something wrong (hard to when the child is at first only acting weird when it's just the mother around).


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  • its a pattern in the movie?

    • Yes, it's always the mother that notices the signs first and the guy doesn't know it till more than 1/2 of the movie.

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    • I'm going to assume it's because a mother has a higher intuition level when her child isn't normal.

    • yeah i guess.

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