Have you ever had a miracle happen to you?


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  • I got a B on a chemistry test and I suck at it, it's such a miracle


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    • lol, how'd you like that l last night? :D

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    • *Blount isn't as effective

    • lol, it's not 1 thing, it's the other, haha! but yeah, i'm glad lee is out there. but trust me, when you're consistently a 11-14 win team AT LEAST every year and make it to the afc championship most of the time for a decade and a half, i dont think that's greedy... it's definitely that o line cause y'all got stuffed on that 2nd and 3rd and short down late in that game. i hate blount cause i think he is a punk (especially when he was an oregon duck), but he is a bulldozer. he reminds me of tolbert, but with height, haha! 95% of the time, he's making those 2 yards to ice the game, basically. but i hope brady has at least a few good years left. im a peyton manning fan because im a vols fan and it was just crazy how he was lighting it up the 1st half of last season and fell off the earth out of nowhere. i hope that doesn't happen to brady.

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  • I don't wait for miracles to happen, I work for it until I am able to get it.

  • Nope still waiting !

  • No, but my best friends mom did. She had A LOT of cancer for like 3 months and the doctors said she only had like 5 months left. So she prayed and many other people prayed for her to God and the next time she went to the doctor she was completely cancer free!


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