Logic game frustrations, do you do better than your friends?

Between Facebook or mobile phones there are so many games to play against friends.

For me the ones most played were logic games (bejeweled, words with friends, candy crush/cookie jam).

Many of the people I verse aren't very bright or have learning issues. I'm average and went to college.
I am the worst at the games listed!

Its so frustrating! I know you can't be good at everything, but I don't see why after practicing, watching people get high scores on YouTube, using hints/power ups, I still cannot beat my friends score and how fast they go through levels. If you play candy crush, imagine being almost 100 levels behind your friends when you all started playing the same time, it's that bad. 😔

Its so bad people started denying my requests from the game group or lying saying they don't play anymore but I find out they do, which makes me feel bad that I can't even be included in a game. because I'm no challenge to them and I'm upset no matter what, I can't figure out how so many people do good and I struggle?

One example: in cookie jam many levels have the same layout (just colors change), so over and over your playing the exact game board until you win. That means if you make the same moves, you'll get the same result. Which means usually you learn what moves not to do quickly and figure out how to win the level. Not me, I can't remember my past moves so I keep making the same mistakes over and over. All these games (except words with friends) require memory logic and analyzing the board to find the best move and predict what tiles move after, almost like how chess is played. I suck at chess too coincidently.

Any other people with this same issue?


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  • Started playing PC games around 5
    Got a PS2 around 9
    Got a Xbox 360 around 14

    Became quite good at a PC FPS Combat Arms

    Other than that I suck at fucking everything. I suck at strategy I guess (besides in Combat Arms cause I played the same maps so much, but so did everyone else.)

    • Strategy games are slightly different than logic. Like Halo, you and your team need to figure out where to go/hide not to be blown up. Not match 3 shooters in a row, lol!

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    • Sometimes it gets confusing with all the blasts and gunshots

    • I feel stupid these other games I suck at

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  • Those aren't really logic games. I suggest that you play Sudoku or Picross, those are logic games, but they're also really fun. (more fun than Bejeweled, Words With Friends and Candy Crush/Cookie Jam that's for sure)

    • I hate sudoku and math. I suck at that so bad I don't even try anymore, kid sudoku is hard even!

      Pic cross is more like color by number to me, just plotting on a graph. Again, did this in math don't care for it as fun.

    • @mrsingle
      Those games actually having nothing to do with math. Sudoku could easily be represented with letters, icons, faces, or what have you. Picross is similar, but the difference is that you mark what you know is there and cross out what isn't. Unfortunately, Sudoku and Picross is hard to get started on, but once you finally start solving you'll be hooked.

    • I guess they just aren't for me.