Trivial high school problems, advice please?

So this year I decided to take theater for fun, and I did. We have a winter's children's show coming up and for some reason I thought the auditions were mandatory for a grade if you didn't want to be considered for the cast.

I auditioned, found out I wasn't supposed to - BUT in order to be considered you have to turn in a form, a form I never turned in. So I thought I was safe.

Fast foward to today, my friend congratulates me on getting Harp. I thought it was a joke regarding the instrument Harp, but no, I've been casted as a fucking prop Harp.

Now here's it all goes downhill. I KNOW I can't make 2 of the rehearsals, and I knew this - hence why I didn't turn in my audition form. You can't miss rehearsals. I have to help out of parent's at work on those two days, and other rehearsal days where to be added. My sister has part time on Monday and Wednesday (the days I know I will miss it) but no one else is there to help my parents and my mom's English isn't good enough to work alone and she panicks when it gets too busy.

My teacher accidently casted me, and now I can't take myself off unless I lose the teacher's trust. I can't have my sister quit her part time job, and it's highly unlikely that my parents will find someone to replace me on those two days (I go in right after school and leave at 9:30 at night.)

What the fuckery do I diddly do-ie?


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  • Go talk to the teacher and explain your dilemma.


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  • I would suggest talking to your teacher about it. I'm sure there were other choices for your part as well and if nothing has happened yet then it shouldn't be a problem for them to give the part to someone else. You have family/work obligations, your teacher shouldn't hold that against you.