I get angry very quickly but also cool off quickly?

Okay, so my relationship with my boyfriend is pretty weird at the moment because we are at the point where we are getting used to each other's bad sides. My issue is that whenever we disagree on a major world view I get very upset and angry, I know in the moment that I will regret it later, but it just comes over me like a wave and I can barely control myself. This is unusual for me because I am a very tolerant and non aggressive person by nature and with anyone else. I know its not his fault for being raised with these opinion but I can't help but feel like he should change so he is a better person. About 10 minutes later I start feeling guilty, but I still know that I meant everything I said. What do I do? This is hurting both of us and I can't help but feel like we both could do something.


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  • I say avoid talking about topics that y'all disagree upon, for now.

    Work on this togather. If he says something you disagree with, let him know that you do, for instance "I know that you think that, however I disagree with this because...". Say it calmly, anger is not going to get him to suddenly agree with you.