Animals and gender in French?

My understanding of animals and gender in French is that the word for the animal depends on the animal's gender (i. e. le chien/la chienne, le chat/la chatte, le cheval/la jument)

I haven't been able to find information on the masculine forms of:
- l'abeille
- la vache
- la mouche
- l'araignée
- la tortue
- la souris
- la fourmi
- la baleine
- la poule

And I haven't been abgle to find information on the feminine forms of:
- l'oiseau
- le dauphin
- le lion
- le singe
- le cochon
- le requin
- le serpent
- le tigre
- le papillon
- l'insecte
- le loup
- le lapin

Does anyone happen to know the masculine or feminine forms of these animals?


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  • Some animals which ware common might have different spellings denoting the different genders. So a male dog chien and female dog chienne. But for uncommon animals like dolphins dauphin or monkey singe they just denote it as one gender as far as i know. So the French think shark is more aggressive like a male so they denote it as masculine le requin. Whereas a whale is more elegant and feminine la baleine.


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  • Not all have a masculine and feminine form.