I am conflicted about what to do right now can any one give me advice?

Hello everyone.

as stated i need some advice. i have fallen in love for a girl i know who i consider my best friend for about 8 years now.. 3-4 years ago she got into a relationship and i never told her how i felt because of how shy i was at that point in these last 3-4 years i realised she meant everything for me, now last week she broke up with her boyfriend which was a good friend of mine it was kinda a harsh break up and it came out of no where for her. now i don't know how to asses this situation or when i should tell her since i'm kinda bad at this stuff. she usually comes to me and some of her other friends for advice but i'm incredibly conflicted about what i can tell her and what i cannot because i have the feeling i might just slip what i wanna say eventually when she is atm still in the phase where she is heart broken by her Ex.

So pretty much my question is how long should i wait before i should or should not confess my feelings for her because if i don't and won't go after her i have the feeling i will live with regret for the rest of my life like i have done these past 4 years.

Thank you in advance to everyone who reply's.


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  • Well like you stated she has just recently been in a harsh break up with her ex. Maybe when she comes to ask you advice about something guy related (maybe that is her moving on, it will give you a hint). Maybe by then, tell her that you like her. But don't tell her now.

    • That is the thing she always asks me about advice wether this had been with her now broken relationship or just something about school so i would not know if that is her moving on or not if she keeps doing the same as she has done before. because she has said over the coarse of our friendship i'm probably the only one where she is 100% herself. and yea i know i should not tell her now.

    • Not school things, when she comes to ask you about boy things. The trust is there. I hope she just hasn't friend zoned you already, that's all.

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